Golf Lessons

Dan Zadalis
(402) 630-3512

Director of Instruction

Dan Zadalis, our Director of Instruction, is regarded as one of the top teaching professionals in the Midwest. After graduating from Sam Houston State University, the Omaha native turned Professional in 1980. Dan quickly developed a reputation as an innovative and dedicated golf instructor. He has taught in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has worked closely with world-renowned instructors Gary Wiren, Bob Toski, and Jim Clik at the Waterwood National Golf School.

Dan brings over 30 years of experience and advocates fundamentals that all can benefit from, rather than prescribing methods that only work for few.





Single Lesson $75
Lesson for 2 $50 each
Lesson for 3 $40 each
Lesson for 4 or more $30 each

Beginning Golfers 

A series of 4 lessons are recommended for beginners. The first three lessons are on the range using woods and irons. The fourth lesson is on the putting green working on pitch shots, chipping, and putting. Lessons should be set up about a week apart to allow for time to practice.

Advanced Golfers

After a consultation, a customized lesson plan is developed tailored to the individuals’ needs and desires. Major swing problems are usually corrected first, working toward smaller swing adjustments. In most instances, 1 or 2 lessons are sufficient.